The Bard LitRPG Audiobook is out!

Now a #litrpg audiobook narrated by the talented @Dalums. You got to hear this guy’s voice! the warmth and humour he brings to the characters is amazing and lifts the story to another level.

The Greenwood series was always intended to combine wit and fun with adventure and action. It contains a host of memorable characters. The Bard, Romeo el Major is a Spanish gentleman with some narcissistic tendencies, but he’s an awesome fighter and uses his musical and dramatic skills to get results against his enemies.

This story focuses on Romeo el Mejor, the bard, and his astrologer pal, the chainsmoking Cockney Astral Bob and in particular Romeo’s crush on a goddess – the ever youthful, Rayban wearing Queen of Summer.

But the theme is about identity: the sentient NPCs are clear they are being played by ‘the code’ but when they ask Romeo who it is who is really playing him, what can he answer?

The mysterious and wonderful Mirror of Revelation reveals people as they really are, both friends and enemies, and ultimately ourselves.

For a laugh and pure amusement, listen to The Bard, narrated by Damon Alums!