Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

Sir Gawain and The Green Knight Launching

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A new LitRPG Story in the Camelot Series

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and it sits at around 20,000 words so it’s longer than a short story and shorter than a novel, making it probably accurate to call it a novella! A link to a free review copy is below.

The Blurb!

It’s winter and King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are waiting for adventure in the virtual reality video game Camelot.

Then comes a knocking at the door…

A huge knight enters carrying a holly branch and a fearsome axe that pulses with fey magic. He asks the knights to step up and challenge him in a game of courage.

Only Gawain is brave enough to take up the challenge and for that his courage and his honour are tested and re-tested in the cold wintery landscape of Britannia until at Christmas he comes to the Green Chapel and finally finds out what it was all about.

This was quite a difficult story to write and if I do something like it again, I won’t do it that way. First I took the text of the original Sir Gawain story. The language is very archaic and while I wanted to keep a lot of the flavour of the original tale, it took a lot of work to make it readable to modern readers. If I managed that at all. You can be the judge!

Despite that, while writing it my old love of the Arthurian stories rekindled and I came to respect how clever they are. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is all about honour and temptation. The courtly love theme of fidelity to the lady’s lord is very important.


If you don’t publish on Kindle, you may not know that Amazon gives you a 30% Royalty for books priced under $2.99, and if then Sir Gawain was priced at 99c, I would get 30c or so per sale and that doesn’t seem enough for the work this took. So I need to price it at $2.99 which I am worried is too much for a 20,000 word novella. To make up for that, it will be in Kindle Unlimited of course and for readers of this blog post only, I’ve put a link to a free review copy.

Free Review Copy

So, if you would like a free review copy of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A LitRPG retelling of the old story, then click below to grab one! A positive review is so helpful to me as an author, so once you’ve read your review copy, it would be great if you could write a line or so on Amazon.

Book Funnel free review copy link

The Bard LitRPG Audiobook is out!

Now a #litrpg audiobook narrated by the talented @Dalums. You got to hear this guy’s voice! the warmth and humour he brings to the characters is amazing and lifts the story to another level.

The Greenwood series was always intended to combine wit and fun with adventure and action. It contains a host of memorable characters. The Bard, Romeo el Major is a Spanish gentleman with some narcissistic tendencies, but he’s an awesome fighter and uses his musical and dramatic skills to get results against his enemies.

This story focuses on Romeo el Mejor, the bard, and his astrologer pal, the chainsmoking Cockney Astral Bob and in particular Romeo’s crush on a goddess – the ever youthful, Rayban wearing Queen of Summer.

But the theme is about identity: the sentient NPCs are clear they are being played by ‘the code’ but when they ask Romeo who it is who is really playing him, what can he answer?

The mysterious and wonderful Mirror of Revelation reveals people as they really are, both friends and enemies, and ultimately ourselves.

For a laugh and pure amusement, listen to The Bard, narrated by Damon Alums!

Review of Camelot Dungeon on the LitRPG Podcast

The return of Sir Gorrow, Knight of King Arthur’s Round Table.

With the fall of the City of Camelot, Sir Gorrow shines out as a beacon of resistance and hope to the free folk of the north. But a beacon casts too much light and soon the servants of the Evil One come to hunt him down.

Gorrow is faced with a dilemma — does he abandon his village to the raids of evil minions, or does he attempt to defend it?

Or could he come up with a way to disappear completely?

My Opinion: 263 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The story shifts from dungeon diving to dungeon creation. Evil has won. Silver Drift is the last village allied to good. The main character plans to defend the village to the death, but only as a ruse. He knows the village will be destroyed but plans to move most of the NPC residents and industries underground and create a dungeon as cover for the work they do. The MC will create a ‘good’ dungeon populated by holy creatures to fight back all the evil bad guys. Only making and maintaining a dungeon is harder than he realized.

The story seems like a way for the author to explore a new kind of LitRPG storytelling, the dungeon master story. But it’s still fun.

Score: 7 out of 10

Camelot Dungeon: An Arthurian LitRPG

LitRPG Podcast —> HERE

Robocalpyse – Sci-Fi post apocalpytic novel

I’ve been reading around because of my series Darkworlds. I plan to put the first draft chapter of Darkworlds Paris on this site when it’s ready. As you know, or maybe you don’t, Darkworlds is LitRPG and it’s horror LitRPG and also sci-fi LitRPG, because the horror is in the game and the premise is that rogue AIs (just like Elon Musk warned us!) are breeding in the code of the game.  MMOs and especially Virtual Reality MMOs may end up using millions if not billions of lines of code and a lot of it will be legacy code. Some of the code the powers RPG engines goes back to the early MUDs and MUSHs.

Anyway, in Darkworlds, the AIs go crazy so I was looking for a similar AI apocalyptic story and found Robocalpyse, by chance really in a local bookstore.  I’m really enjoying it so I thought I’d share a preview of it here. I must admit I don’t love the cover, though I guess it’s maybe supposed to be a Slow Sue…

Interestingly this preview is only in French. (C’est formidable, naturellement, mais qu’en est-il des anglophones?)

The Greenwood Chronicles – A LitRPG Saga

This is a compendium of the five Greenwood books adding up to over a quarter of a million LitRPG words!

The Greenwood is a virtual reality MMO. There is a lot of humor with larger than life (some awful) characters. The stories are full of action, PVP, dungeon delving and army level combat. They also don’t take themselves too seriously and promise no uplifting moral points.

The hero Barcud is a ranger who levels up and makes friends, builds towns, leads armies, engages in PVP.

Other notable characters are the psychopathic Harald Runesmith, a crafter of runes.

The shifty thief Jimmy the Zit.

The wise Druid, Rohan.

Black Metal Loving Ajora who transforms into a polar bear for combat.

The flamboyant and powerful killer bard Romeo el Mejor.

The Greenwood Chronicles compendium includes books 1-5 of The Greenwood LitRPG series:


    • A Player in the Greenwood
      The Runesmith
      War in the Greenwood
      The Bard
      Plague in the Greenwood

Praise for the Greenwood Series:

A Player in the Greenwood: “Exceptionally well told story, great background and plot line, characters that are almost alive and good levels of rpg knowledge” “One interesting story element was a detailed system of poisons, which I rarely see.” 

The Runesmith: “A great read, I cannot recommend it highly enough.” “a thoroughly despicable character with no redeeming qualities.” 

“War in the Greenwood: “this is a great follow on from the previous book.” “A good mix of action and RTS elements”

The Bard: “The characters are fun. The story flows well. The humor is very tongue in cheek”