The Greenwood Chronicles – A LitRPG Saga

This is a compendium of the five Greenwood books adding up to over a quarter of a million LitRPG words!

The Greenwood is a virtual reality MMO. There is a lot of humor with larger than life (some awful) characters. The stories are full of action, PVP, dungeon delving and army level combat. They also don’t take themselves too seriously and promise no uplifting moral points.

The hero Barcud is a ranger who levels up and makes friends, builds towns, leads armies, engages in PVP.

Other notable characters are the psychopathic Harald Runesmith, a crafter of runes.

The shifty thief Jimmy the Zit.

The wise Druid, Rohan.

Black Metal Loving Ajora who transforms into a polar bear for combat.

The flamboyant and powerful killer bard Romeo el Mejor.

The Greenwood Chronicles compendium includes books 1-5 of The Greenwood LitRPG series:


    • A Player in the Greenwood
      The Runesmith
      War in the Greenwood
      The Bard
      Plague in the Greenwood

Praise for the Greenwood Series:

A Player in the Greenwood: “Exceptionally well told story, great background and plot line, characters that are almost alive and good levels of rpg knowledge” “One interesting story element was a detailed system of poisons, which I rarely see.” 

The Runesmith: “A great read, I cannot recommend it highly enough.” “a thoroughly despicable character with no redeeming qualities.” 

“War in the Greenwood: “this is a great follow on from the previous book.” “A good mix of action and RTS elements”

The Bard: “The characters are fun. The story flows well. The humor is very tongue in cheek”

Darkworlds: London – A Cthulhu LitRPG novel

A Cthulhu LitRPG

In the real world, it’s 2027 and disgruntled, lone-wolf data analyst Adam Harker works for a corporation he hates.

In this dystopian future many seek to lose themselves in virtual reality games, but Adam is dead set against playing Darkworlds, designed by mega-corporation Miskatonic Games, until he’s tempted by two quite different people for two wholly different reasons.

In the game, it’s 1927 and Adam Harker is in London battling against the minions of Cthulhu, but then come hints and suggestions that something else stirs, something wicked and secret, something new, rising up and replicating itself within the code and taking on the form of ageless evil.

Hidden knowledge leads Adam through a series of terrifying revelations as he searches from London to Glastonbury and into the Dreamlands.

Join Adam as he fights to save his friends, and maybe even the world itself, from the horrors that lurk in the game.

Camelot Dungeon – An Arthurian LitRPG

The return of Sir Gorrow, Knight of King Arthur’s Round Table!

This is Galen Wolf’s second LitRPG series, following The Greenwood and Darkworlds.

With the fall of the City of Camelot, Sir Gorrow shines out as a beacon of resistance and hope to the free folk of the north. But a beacon casts too much light and soon the servants of the Evil One come to hunt him down.
Gorrow is faced with a dilemma — does he abandon his village to the raids of evil minions, or does he attempt to defend it?

Or could he come up with a way to disappear completely?

Camelot Dungeon is the second book in the Camelot LitRPG series, following on where Camelot Overthrown finished. It features combat, crafting, town building and dungeon creation.

Camelot Overthrown! An Arthurian LitRPG

Camelot Overthrown

The first novel in the Camelot LitRPG series.

Camelot Overthrown has done pretty well since its launch in September and has now been followed by Camelot Dungeon. Camelot Defiant is a work in progress.

Britain is threatened by the minions of the evil Satanus, and King Arthur calls out for brave knights to come and defend the realm.

Join Gorrow as he rises up from Level 1, hones his knightly skills, upgrades his weapons, makes friends, and builds a village on his way from Squire to Knight.

As he levels, his progress is threatened by the ever encroaching armies of Satanus, who threaten even Camelot itself.

Gorrow must race to improve himself so he has the skills to aid King Arthur’s armies in their fight to defeat evil. And at the same time he needs to build and protect his settlement.

In the last days, King Arthur sends out a call. If Camelot falls, surely the whole kingdom will fall too? Then who will resist Satanus as his black tide threatens to overwhelm the medieval island of Britain?