About Galen Wolf

About Galen Wolf

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I’m the author of three LitRPG series and I’ve been writing LitRPG for a year or so. The first LitRPG book I wrote was A Player in the Greenwood and at that time, I didn’t know what I was doing. I’d read other LitRPG stories of course and I thought you just sit and write the story in the game world.  Of course the game world was influenced by the games I’d played myself.

One of my great loves years ago was a text based RPG called Avalon-rpg. It had classes and skills that were cleverly balanced and it was primarily a PvP game. I had lots of fun (and anger) killing and being killed until the early hours of the morning. A fine game.  After I stopped playing Avalon mainly because my reflexes were slowing up I think, I went to Dungeons and Dragons Online, which I still play from time to time when I’m not writing.  I loved that game. I remember my first dungeon. I was a ranger. I love rangers, and I stepped into the sewers of Stormreach and there was the most incredible series of explosions and graphics as my magic user friends unleashed hell on the poor kobolds. Again, a combat system that takes some mastering, but far more PvE than PvP which never really took off in DDO.

But where did it all start? I zoom back to when I was about ten or so and I discovered metal miniatures of Lord of the Rings characters. I couldn’t afford many so each month I’d order two or three, whatever money I had and they would come in the post (as we say in the UK) in carboard boxes filled with sawdust and I’d pick out the miniatures. Eventually I built up an army and that led me into wargaming which led me in turn to Dungeons and Dragons. The idea of small scale encounters tied in with storytelling! I was the dungeon master of course. I loved stories with a bit of mystery and we played all the classic modules too.

Then Call of Cthulhu. That was a later love. I particularly liked the 1920s period. I never really bothered with modern or Victorian.

For about five years I wrote scripts for live action Cthulhu Mythos role-playing games that we set in country mansions, slates mines and forests. We ran around with blank firing guns engaging in firefights with werewolves and nightgaunts indoors, everybody blazing off their guns. Which is why I’m now deaf. We used pyrotechnics, sound effects, slime, smoke, traps, you name it. What fun it was. We got banned from every place we rented too.

I had a coffin made which in one particular game we had tied up with a chain and padlocked. I rigged a trap so when the players unlocked the padlock and opened the coffin, a smoke bomb went off and the monster appeared. I had thought about getting the actor to stay in the coffin for the day and a half before it was discovered. (We generally played over the weekend). In the end I couldn’t be bothered taking the padlocked coffin away so I left it in the outhouse of this big old country house. I hate to think what they thought when they found a coffin there. We were banned from there so I never found out.

I’ve talked about gaming a lot, but I am also a reader. When I was young, I devoured science fiction and then sword and sorcery. Lord of the Rings did it, then Michael Moorcock, Fritz Leiber and so on.

So LitRPG allows me to combine my three favourite things – reading, writing and gaming. Perfect.

Galen Wolf

I mentioned the offer of three of my LitRPG novels to get you started.

Here’s the link for you to download them.