Robocalpyse – Sci-Fi post apocalpytic novel

I’ve been reading around because of my series Darkworlds. I plan to put the first draft chapter of Darkworlds Paris on this site when it’s ready. As you know, or maybe you don’t, Darkworlds is LitRPG and it’s horror LitRPG and also sci-fi LitRPG, because the horror is in the game and the premise is that rogue AIs (just like Elon Musk warned us!) are breeding in the code of the game.  MMOs and especially Virtual Reality MMOs may end up using millions if not billions of lines of code and a lot of it will be legacy code. Some of the code the powers RPG engines goes back to the early MUDs and MUSHs.

Anyway, in Darkworlds, the AIs go crazy so I was looking for a similar AI apocalyptic story and found Robocalpyse, by chance really in a local bookstore.  I’m really enjoying it so I thought I’d share a preview of it here. I must admit I don’t love the cover, though I guess it’s maybe supposed to be a Slow Sue…

Interestingly this preview is only in French. (C’est formidable, naturellement, mais qu’en est-il des anglophones?)

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