Camelot Dungeon – An Arthurian LitRPG

The return of Sir Gorrow, Knight of King Arthur’s Round Table!

This is Galen Wolf’s second LitRPG series, following The Greenwood and Darkworlds.

With the fall of the City of Camelot, Sir Gorrow shines out as a beacon of resistance and hope to the free folk of the north. But a beacon casts too much light and soon the servants of the Evil One come to hunt him down.
Gorrow is faced with a dilemma — does he abandon his village to the raids of evil minions, or does he attempt to defend it?

Or could he come up with a way to disappear completely?

Camelot Dungeon is the second book in the Camelot LitRPG series, following on where Camelot Overthrown finished. It features combat, crafting, town building and dungeon creation.

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